Arjun Kapoor About #Boycott Trend

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Arjun Kapoor About #Boycott Trend

Arjun Kapoor about boycott trend

After he recently opened up for boycott of Hindi films, Arjun Kapoor is being trolled on social media. While the actor has been a victim of online trolling, he has remained unbowed. He took to Twitter to respond to some of the cruel comments that were directed at him. “Are you going to boycott Bollywood if you are a member of the Bharat Mata gang?” he tweeted.

The boycott trend has become such a major problem that it has even engulfed Bollywood. The popularity of the #boycott trend has resulted in boycott calls for movies, such as Laal Singh Chaddha (Aamir Khan’s), Brahmastra, and Akshay Kumar’s Raksha Bandhan. Now, Arjun Kapoor has spoken out about this issue and said that the Hindi film industry has made a mistake by remaining silent, and that the time has come for action.

The actor’s response to the boycott trend is a welcome one. While boycotts are not widespread in Bollywood, the trend has recently gained traction on social media. While a certain section of the audience has been calling for a boycott of Hindi films, many have taken to Twitter to call for a boycott of the actors in those films. Arjun Kapoor, who is a long-time supporter of progressive social causes, has spoken out about the issue in an effort to promote diversity in Bollywood.

While it’s understandable that people do not like the way these films are marketed, it’s still a shame to see such negative press. He said that it’s unfair to boycott a film simply because of the actor’s surname. In other words, he believes that people like a film because of its content, not the actor. And since a film is successful because of its quality, the boycotts won’t matter, he said.

During an interview with Bollywood Hungama, Arjun said that he was tired of the negative press and thought that his work would speak for itself. It was an understandable feeling, since people have been tolerating these problems for so long. However, the actor was not going to allow it to ruin his career. To avoid such a fate, Bollywood actors must band together and produce successful films.

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