Next Sohee : Audience Award Winning Korean Drama 2022

next sohee

Next Sohee

Next Sohee

The South Korean drama film Next Sohee is a sci-fi thriller based in 2022. It is directed by Jung Ju-ri and stars Bae Doona, Kim Si-eun, and Kim Woo-kyum. It is an enjoyable, if very long, film. If you’ve been looking for a good South Korean drama, Next Sohee should be right up your alley.

This thriller shares the same structure as Souad, but it shifts focus midway to a new character. The second main character, Doona, is an irresistible presence with wells of fury that captivates. This film is not without its faults. If you’ve seen Souad, you’ve probably noticed that the film uses unpaid internships to slam the door on the first main character’s life. However, Next Sohee does a far better job of this.

The movie opens with a suicide. A young worker, Sohee, decides to commit suicide after her employer puts her through a brutal and humiliating job. The boss of this company places money over people, and the employees get abused. A young worker with no experience in this kind of job is put through a terrible harrowing process. A single manager stands by her side, but she is eventually forced to take her own life. A detective who happens to be related to Sohee, Detective Oh Yu-jin, investigates the case.

In Next Sohee, Kim Si-eun plays a realistic role with a strong, emotional performance. Her intense emotion cuts through the film, making the film extremely affecting. Sohee is a sweet, hopeful girl, but the film has a darker side that is very real. A film with this approach should be a must-see for anyone who loves dramas. Sohee is one of the most compelling Korean dramas.